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Every year, thousands of refugees come ashore on this tiny Italian island in the Mediterranean sea.

Over the last 2 decades, 400.000 people reached the island alive

Many others didn’t make it.

Nevertheless, the people of Lampedusa keep on putting up efforts to save the lives of the refugees at sea and help them whatever way they can

They make these never ending efforts because they are fishermen and have the tradition to help people in need.

Because of that fact, the VUB awards the people of Lampedusa with an honorary doctorate.

Dr. Pietro Bartoli receives this award in the name of all island inhabitants on November 29th at Flagey in Elsene (Ixelles).

Join us and support Dr. Bartoli and the people of Lampedusa. Register for the Honorary Doctorate Award Ceremony.


Register here and choose ‘Doctor Honoris Causa Event  (12.00 - 14.30h)’.


About the people of the island of Lampedusa

The last two decades, about 400,000 refugees have arrived on the island. Thousands of drowning victims washed up on the shore. This has a major impact on the lives of the residents of Lampedusa. They have always had a tradition to help each other as islanders and fishermen. The same is true for the refugees arriving at Lampedusa. One of the most visible inhabitants in this story is Dr. Pietro Bartolo. He used to provide medical assistance to the refugees from the beginning. He has always advocated the aid of Lampedusa residents for the rest of Europe. Dr. Bartolo will receive an honorary doctorate on behalf of the residents of Lampedusa on November 29th.

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