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Thursday  17u35 - All buildings and student homes on campus Etterbeek are sweeped and declared safe by the police. Students and personnel can collect their personal belongings at these places. The parking lots are accessible too.


In Jette, all buildings are cleared as well, with the understanding that students and personnel should access them to collect their belongings and afterwards go home.


Tomorrow, Friday, all courses and activities will take place as usual.  


Beware: all courses and activities (parties included) that are planned for today and this evening, are suspended. On the other hand, the courses of CVO (Center for Adult Education) that are NOT taking place on Campus Etterbeek go on as planned.


Around 14:45 there was a bomb alert on VUB campus Etterbeek and the buildings of the faculty Medicine and Pharmacy in Jette, after which both places were evacuated.


VUB urged everyone to remain calm, go the official gathering places and follow instructions.


Police forces searched all buildings and cleared them. At around 17:30 the bomb alert could be called off.


Rector Caroline Pauwels thanks all students and employees for their cooperation and effort during the evacuation. 


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