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Student participation has high priority at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Also in the study programme committee – in which the study programme perspectives are determined – the voice of students is crucial. As a student representative you can make a real difference by co-designing your ideal study programme. In the study programme committee you don’t just represent your fellow students, you also assure future students of a study programme of great quality which is adjusted to their needs. Students can apply as a candidate for the study programme committees until 9 October.


As a student representative you can make a real difference

“You can make a real difference as a student representative in your study programme council. The VUB values the voice of their students. In the study programme committee a lot of attention is paid to our opinion., says Alexandre Maricot, an enthusiastic student representative in the the study programme committee of Physiotherapy and Rehabilation Sciences. Student representatives have been able to accomplish a lot for their study programmes. A more extensive range of study profiles for the master programme Sociology, the preservation of popular course units for the Philosophy programme, the opportunity to do a voluntary internship at a university lab for the Pharmacy programme, and so on. These are just a few of the many accomplishments of the student representatives in the study programme committees.


Students are the main stakeholders

The student representatives in the study programme committees are full members. This means their vote is just as important as those of professors and assistants. According to Els Consuegra – the chairwoman of the study programme committee of the Teaching programme - students are the main stakeholders. “Of course, students can best assess their own study programmes. The student representatives can critically evaluate their study programmes. Indeed, they are the contact between students and the study programme.”


A great asset


Alexandre agrees, being a student representative in a study programme committee is an enlightening and useful experience. You don’t just get a unique look behind the scenes of the university, but you also learn to formulate your opinion and give constructive feedback. Furthermore, a mandate as a student representative is yet another great asset to add to your resume. On top of that, you get to know new people and get the chance to work closer with your professors and assistants. “It really is a big plus for later”, according to Alexandre.



Students can apply for the study programme councils until 9 October. First year students are also encouraged to apply as candidates, since their voice is also crucial in the study programme council. After the deadline of 9 October, the Student Council will designate the student representatives. More information on how to apply as as a candidate can be found on our student website student.vub.