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A few students Sports Management went to work during the World Swimming Championships in Windsor.

A few Master students Sports Management from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel are spending four weeks in Canada. They take classes at the University of Windsor and went to work at the World Swimming Championships. Starting december 12th they are showing us the ropes on the VUB instagram account @VUBrussel. A photoreport.


Douglas Wauters: sports crew

"I was part of the sports crew around the pool. My main tasks were to supervise the surroundings and to take care of the swimmers and the teams having questions or troubles."

Benjamin Dooms: monitoring

"Today, I had to monitor the competition pool. This included putting everything into a fashionable order, directing people to the right seat and helping out with any questions the athletes, coaches or spectators could have."

Pelle Briffoz: guest services

"One of my assignments is handing out little scarfs with the Canadian printed on them. Each time buses arrive, which makes for hectic situations. It’s a rewarding assignment though, when you see how happy kids get with even a small gadget like that."

Levi Molemans: guest services

"Tuesday 6th December - My colleague Meeghan and I were responsible for guest services during the opening day of the 13th FINA World Championships (25m). We took care of spectator questions and troubles and helped them as much as we could. It was a nice experience to solve people’s problems and guide them to fully enjoy this world class event."

Charles Van Impe: Inside the mascot suit

"Venue operations is a lot of work, loads of small random cross-discipline tasks, but a lot of fun if you take on your tasks with the right mindset."

Ruben Broux: championship results

"My job on the championship was to bring the results of the finals (and semi-finals) to the right person so they could prepare everything in time. I had to make some copies of the official results, which I received from the Omega crew. After that, I had to deliver the results in time to the sports presentation team and the officials. I also had to hang up some copies in the medals center, the flag room, the VIP lounge and the spectator zone. I had an equally motivated colleague to help me with all this."

Steffi Jo Briffoz: volunteer management

"Today I worked with Seppe Decoster, we were allowed to shadow volunteer manager Jake Clement. So we went backstage and saw the gold medals, among other things. We also handed out flyers, so the public could ask an autograph of the Canadian Ryan Cochrane."

Jenny Bender: sport

"As a volunteer, I’m stationed in both the training pool ‘Windsor International Aquatic & Training Centre’ and the competition pool ‘WFCU Arena’. On my first day I was responsible for accompanying swimmers in the training pool and for the transport to their hotels or the competition pool."

Soraya Meert: accreditation

"I have to make sure that all staff, volunteers, athletes, … get their accreditation to gain access to certain areas within the facility. I have to make sure that I update the online system about individuals receiving their accreditation."

Seppe Decoster: protocol guests & VIP

"Being part of the protocol team I was assigned with the task to inform distressed, confused or disorientated guests. As a result, I came in contact with my supervisor’s supervisor to help out in the VIP lounge and worked under Jake Clement, the volunteer manager, helping him with a variety of tasks."

Michiel Staes: media

“This is the Media & Broadcast helpdesk, we’re responsible for all questions and problems concerning media. We also make sure that all the journalists have the most recent starting lists and have a schedule from all the different events. As you can see in the picture: I was lucky with my position, we could watch all the games from a great vantage point.”

Shannen Deferme: mascotte wrangler  

“During the World Championship one of my tasks was accompanying the mascotte (wrangler). I was allowed in multiple places and met many people, like athletes and the event organisers. It’s important to be social and to be able to talk to everyone smoothly as a Sports Manager.”

Caro Vanderborght: protocol and hospitality of the Windsor Hotels

“As part of the protocol team I was the first face people see every day when they arrive in the lobby. When athletes, coaches or visitors had questions, were unsure, lost or seemed confused, I would address them and provide the information they needed.”