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VUB-students Vicky Vanderbeek and Hagar Durlet of the organisation team.

With a quarter kilometer in length ‘The Beast’ is the largest air cushion trail in Europe. On 25 April the “Brussels Strong Student Fun Run” will bring this vast, advanced level ‘bouncing castle’ to Brussels. “We are proud of this new concept and the first of a very large succession of student sporting events in the heart of Brussels”, tell VUB students Hagar and Vicky.



In previous years, this challenging hurdles contest for students took place at the Osseghem arena in Heysel. The event drew in particular vast crowds of VUB students.


“Despite the success of the previous editions our organising team considered the time ripe to renew both the concept and the location,” said Hagar. “By holding the event in the centre of Brussels we were hoping to attract more participants from the Erasmus University College, LUCA and Odisee, so it really would be a sports festival for all the students in Brussels. They can just take the metro to ‘De Brouckère’ instead of ‘Heysel’: For VUB’ers nothing really changes. We aim at attracting around 600 participants but have the capacity to fit in more”.


‘The Beast’ and the new ‘fun’ concept

‘The Beast’ will extend over a length of 220 meters in the pedestrian area of ​​the Brouckère to the Bourse. The monster air track has 24 obstacles running across four overlapping ‘worlds’: the “sherpa”, “army”, “devil’s run” and “urban track”. The climbing wall is up to six meters high. The attraction enjoys a worldwide reputation and thanks to the few VUB student enthusiasts it will feature in Brussels for the first time.


“Between 13:00 and 15:00 student associations can compete for the student Sport Trophy, a  favourite amongst students. Afterwards students can team up in doubles and compete for as many matches as they would like to win, right up until 22:00”, explains Vicky. “The fun factor is central to the event and all levels of participation are welcome. Sportswear is not required – the trail is perfectly fitted for wearing normal clothes. Only shoes and belts will need to be removed. We also ask students to leave their sports bags at home”.


Aside from the trail BRUZZ will assist party goers from inside their popular red bus. Enjoyment is thus very much central to this student oriented sporting event.


Powered by VUB student hands

The event is a good example of how the VUB Brussels use the ‘living lab’. For the ten students organising the event this is a unique, practical learning experience taking place in the very heart of the city. The ‘Brussels Strong Student Fun Run’ is indeed a project that is part of their internship ‘Event Organisation’, a component of the Bachelor of Physical Education and Kinesiology. They have been preparing for the event since last October.


“We are very pleased with the cooperation of the City of Brussels and the support of the Flemish Community but organising an event in the centre of town remains a challenge,” admits Hagar. “In addition to enhanced security requirements, we must consider many stakeholders. We are in constant consultation with the authorities and the partners of the event. Admittedly, there is no better learning than immersing yourself in the experience and working hard. We are truly grateful for this opportunity - it is simply superb. “


Importantly, it is not only Brussels university students who may venture to ‘The Beast’. Final year school students and sympathisers of the Brussels student-friendly sports circles are all equally welcome.


Entrance to the event costs 5 € and it is best to register your name in advance.

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