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During the month of December, students studying a master’s degree in sports management at the VUB visited the Canadian University of Windsor to study the behaviour of spectators during sports events. The project was initiated by postdoctoral researcher Inge Derom, who obtained her master’s degree and PhD in Canada. During their stay, the VUB and the University of Windsor signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote exchange and cooperation in the field of research and education between the two universities. 


The MoU not only outlines the rules for future exchange and cooperation, but also with regard to things like technology transfer, mutual assistance and the possibilities of joint or double-degree Master programmes between the two signing partners.


Valuable experience
While the signing of the agreement constituted an important moment during the visit of the VUB students, other activities were planned as well. During their stay, the students were able to volunteer in the organisation of the World Swimming Championship which took place 6-11 December 2016. It gave hem the opportunity to gain a valuable experience in all the organisational aspects of an international sports event, from facility management, the organisation of mobility and hospitality, to dealing with media and communication. As one of the students remarked: “The sports industry here is more than just sports. During these events, you can win gadgets, and many spectators also try to get their faces on the big screen. All these things may seem superfluous, but they are important to the sponsors. And sponsors are very important for the financial support of sports events.”


Photoreport World Swimming Championship
During the stay, the VUB sports students made a photoreport of their volunteering days at the World Swimming Championship, which you can see here