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Monday evening 7th of May you can enjoy the artistic talents of doctors-to-be, and those with a degree in medicine. The Night of the Tempus organises a free stage for students and staff of the Brussels Health Campus. Quality and gayity quaranteed.

Young and not so young doctors on a free podium in Jette. Monday evening, 7th of May, at the Tempus bar. Fun guaranteed.

The titel refers to The Night of the Proms: chances are great that Marc Noppen, UZ Brussels’ CEO, will perform Rachmaninov’s 2nd pianoconcerto. Almost certain is that Edouard Dhooge and his Softrockers will steal the show once more. But no matter whom will win this sixth edition, it will be a classy act.


You should not fear for rain: big partytents will allow a cosy atmosphere. Musical instruments are at your disposal: piano, drums and guitars. Microphones too, for stand-up comedians, magicians, clowns…  And of course a dressing room for pantomime or burlesque actresses. This is most probably the one event for which you should consider travelling North. Good to know is that it ends at around 11 pm so you can easily get home.

The whole event is organised by the board of GK, the students circle of the medicine faculty. Half of them are Tempus volunteers, 25 students that take care of opening, cleaning, serving, repairing, supplying and emptying the stock throughout the academic year. In fact, Tempus is the only real “FacBar” you can find at the VUB. Prices are very student friendly: only €1 for a beer or refreshment and only €2 for the heavier beers. Despite this very small financial margins, thanks to the many volunteers, they succeed to finish every year at break-even point.

It were students themselves who built the small building back in 2003-04, plumbed the sanatory and fixed the electricity. Doctors-to-be have more talents than one would suppose. In 2009-10 it was renovated with financial aid from the faculty and since last year the terrace and sanatory equipment have enlarged. The last innovation is the use of hard unbreakable plastic beerglasses. Expensive, but sure a lot safer than glass.

During winter the Tempus opens only on Monday evenings, or when in use by one of the other student organisations of Jette, or personnel from faculty or clinic. But in springtime, summer and fall you will find its doors open more frequently between 4 and 10 pm. During daytime it is also open at noon to have a cosy lunch.

But it never gets cosier than during this Night of the Tempus. Don’t hesitate any longer, just go and meet lots of old and new friends.