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Technopolitics explores new technology and how it impacts on society and politics. The third edition of Technopolitics focuses on the eternal youth. 

Who doesn’t want to be forever young? The key to an eternal life without suffering can be found in our DNA. With the use of genome editing we can eradicate diseases in the future. The impact on our personal health is beyond imagination, it would also revolutionize the management of our health and social security system. However, are the current regulations adapted to the medical revolution? 

Technopolitics 3  takes place at the VUB Brussels Health Campus in Jette on Wednesday 15 February.



The three top speakers are Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health Maggie De Block, scientific researcher & director of VIB Jo Bury and CEO of University Hospital Brussels Marc Noppen. The opening speech is done by VUB Fellow and politician Els Ampe, co-founder of Technopolitics.


The event takes place in auditorium Brouwer, Brussels Health Campus, Laarbeeklaan 103, Jette on Wednesday 15 February at 19:00  All presentations will be held in English and a networking drink follows the event.

Please note that admission to Technopolitics is free, but confirmation of attendance is required. Please confirm your attendance by replying to info@elsampe.be.

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