U bent hier

In September 2018 the ceremony for the first edition took place. The laureates were Carmen Mazijn, Jimmy Hendry Nzally, Nelke Ramael, Mohamed Lamrani, Naomi Stocker and the non-profit organization BSG-as. This association takes care of the renowned BSG party hall. All of them were elected because of their notable contribution to the rich student life at the VUB.


So, this year we will celebrate five people or student organizations again. People who often remain invisible but are crucial for the success of an event.  Creative dirigents that set the tune of new initiatives. Engaged students of all forms and colors: every party, every manifestation, every organization needs them.


Who these people are is best known by the students themselves. So it is up to you to nominate that president, treasurer, communicator, student counsellor, member of the international student platform, faculty club and so on. If you would wish to do so, you can nominate as many as you want through this form.


Don’t worry if you wouldn’t know the name of the organizer. Just mention the event you enjoyed so much. But do add a motivation. And try to pinpoint the kind of engagement you want to stress: leadership or silent hardworking people, even achievements from fellow students outside our campus, bridgebuilders or architects…


Take your time to consider whom might deserve this prestige, but do decide before the 7th of July, deadline at the end of the first exam period. Put an alarm in your smartphone not to forget..


A jury in which students obviously have their say will decide who merits these awards.

A festive ceremony will be held on September 19th. All laureates will receive an official VUB certificate from the vice-rector and a unique piece of artwork: a lithograph of the red thinker, the iconic red statue from the artist Willy Vandendorpe.